Six panel CD Jackets

Six panel CD Jackets, as the name suggests, are packaging for CDs and DVDs. These have a simple design and structure. A card having folds and pasted at the right places to hold your discs inside. Similar to other custom boxes, these jackets have compartments to hold the items inside. Since these have a larger surface area, they cover more and more design. Not only you can put your discs in these jackets, also you can print more and more information regarding your brand or product or the manuals. You can rely on Urgent Packagings for your Custom Six panel CD Jackets.

Urgent Packagings offers customized solutions for all your custom boxes. We offer our customers wide range of options to our customers. Also, they can choose size as well as material and printing as per their needs. Indeed, you can rely on us for your packging while you are busy planning your business. We never say no to nothing. Order your Custom Six panel CD Jackets.

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