Self Lock Cake Boxes

Self Lock Cake Boxes are rectangular boxes with top openings. These boxes do not need any gluing. Mostly, these are for bakery items yet they can be used for any purpose. They are usual in having four sides, a bottom and a top. Sides of Custom Self Lock Cake Boxes have a locking system. Two flaps from the sides lock into a third flap attached to the bottom of the box, where you can fold these boxes easily, you can also unfold them. This enable you to use Self Lock Cake Boxes again and again. For this, you can rely on Urgent Packagings.

Urgent Packagings offers custom boxes at cost effective prices. We offer customization options to our customers. Also, we deliver the best at low cost. At the same time, observes professionalism and we have a keen interested to satisfy our customers. You can customize your boxes in any size. Also, customers can have their design printed. Or they can choose between material options like white cardstock or kraft as well as texture card. Order your Custom Self Lock Cake Boxes now.

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