Gable Bag Bottom Hanger

Gable Bag Bottom Hanger are unique and a custom style of packaging. These are basically a modification of Gable Bags. These are, similarly, rectangular in structure with an auto bottom and a punch shaped hanger on the top. Customers need not to glue these. These bags are shipped flat yet these are very easy to assemble. Food industry had the most use of Custom Gable Bag Bottom Hanger. You can get custom boxes at Urgent Packagings.

Urgent Packagings offers a great deal of customization to its customers. You can get Gable Bag Bottom Hanger at affordable prices. Variable options are there to design them according to your needs. Cardstocks that you can use for your bags are white card and kraft. You can also get a cut-out window on these as well. While you think of designing your custom boxes, give us a chance to serve you the right way.

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