Double Wall Trays

Double Wall Trays, as the name suggests, are trays. If we remove top lid of any double walled box, we get a double wall try. The structure of these trays is similar to other custom boxes of the double wall family. All the sides have double walls which lock together to the bottom and give this packaging the required shape. Since there is no top, customers may need to pack them with some additional item. Hence, the assembly process does not require any gluing. You can assemble to use them as well as disassemble into flat shape for storage. You can rely on Urgent Packagings for your Double Wall Trays.

Urgent Packagings offers customized solutions for all your needs. We offer our customers wide range of options to our customers. Also, they can choose size as well as material and printing as per their needs. You can rely on us for your custom boxes while you are busy planning your business. We never say no to nothing. Order Your Custom Double Wall Trays now.

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