Auto Bottom Tray

Auto bottom tray is a useful item which gives you options for different presentations. They do not have a top closure. Just the side walls and the bottom. Bottom of this box is very firm and strong as it has a pre-glued structure. All you need to do is to fold the tray open and bottom is assembled automatically. Food industry has the major use of auto bottom tray. These are not only limited to food sector but can be used in other industry as well. Usually, end users pack these trays in cellophane sheets and heat sealed. But the right purpose is to design these trays in unique colors and design. It unfolds into a rectangular as well as a square shape. These trays ship flat and customer do not need to use glue or any assembly process. You can rely on Urgent Packagings for your custom boxes.

Urgent Packagings provide custom auto bottom tray in different sizes and in different material options. While deciding the right packaging, customers have the option to request design mockups. Printed as well as non-printed, both options are available. We provide different options for material including white card, kraft and corrugated. These trays come in different sizes. Customers can order any quantity of custom boxes as per their need. With the right design and colors, custom auto bottom tray serves right in presentation. If you need a custom template, let us know and we will provide it right away. Order custom auto bottom tray now at

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